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Our service caters for horse breeders and people involved in shows.

We can recommend several products for clipping large animals, including horses and cattle.

Shear Magic ceramic blades, which remain cool to the touch even with prolonged use, are also highly recommended.

Did you know that you can update your exisitng blade by putting a ceramic top balde on your existing bottom blade? Just replace the steel cutter with a ceramic cutter and you have a ceramic blade set!

Five reasons to choose Shear Magic Blades:

Efficient: Blades sustain optimal cutting performance over longer periods of time.

User Friendly: Blades remain cool to the touch even with prolonged use.

Economical: Blades require less sharpening, saving you time and money.

Hardy: Ceramic cutters are resistant to rust and minimise blade corrosion.

Versatile: Blades are available in a range of sizes to suit all needs.


Check out our Products section, and Contact Us if you need any more information.





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