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Bladetech NZ is an importer and wholesaler of quality grooming products used by veterinarians, animal groomers, pet owners, horse breeders and the equine show industry, surgeons and hairdressers.

In this website, you'll find details of our product range, including ceramic clipper blades, steel clipper blades and trimmers and grooming scissors (including serrating hairdressing scissors).

We also provide an extensive sharpening and warranty service for all major clipper brands. We also provide specialist sharpening for veterinary practices and medical centres including surgical scissors and surgical instruments (Osteotomes, needle holders and drill bits).

Try new ceramic clipper blades, which remain cool to the touch and require less sharpening. Did you know that you can update your existing blade set by putting a ceramic top blade on top of your existing bottom blade? Just replace the steel cutter with a ceramic cutter and you'll have a ceramic blade set!

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